17. September 2012. Tagged website, pelican.

I am moving my blog once again. At the moment I have too much to do to fiddle around with git hooks, pelican setups and whatever. I fortunately discovered calepin which is working on a pelican basis. It just connects to my dropbox and reads my posts out of my apps folder. I can not change the theme, but I do not really mind, because the theme is pretty good. I put my pictures in the public folder of my dropbox and link them from there. This is what I would call a painless setup.

You won’t notice anything as calepin is handling cnames very well and just displays my blog wherever I want it to.

And to cite calepin’s author:

Find something that works better for you? No problem. Your .md files are small and portable, and aren’t locked away inside a proprietary format or hidden away inside an arcane XML file. They’re right there in a folder you own and control, ready to be used somewhere else if you need them.

It is true: If I want to switch, I can. And as there is no way that I am going back to anything that is not capable of markdown or something similar, that shouldn’t be a problem at all!