Start Summit 2014

15. March 2014. Tagged entrepreneurship, conference.

I have to admit that I love conferences per se. It’s always a unique opportunity to meet new and interesting people and get inspired.

Startup conferences are even better in that regard, because there is no other place where you can find that many inspired people that have a dream and actually want to do something about it. Even better, as I am a founder myself, it presents you with a chance to physically meet as many investors and business angels as you otherwise never could.

The START Summit is very special for me personally, because it shows how a usually not very entrepreneurial university can host one of the biggest startup conferences in europe and become (even if just for two days) a place of true inspiration and ingenuity.

As my twitter feed clearly demonstrates I attended most of the speeches, of which the ones by Klaus Hommels and Morten Lund were definitely the more intesting ones, although for very different reasons.

While Klaus Hommels showed that Venture Capital in Europe has a very big disadvantage in comparison to the US counterpart and shared his personal opinion on some of the recent supposedly stupidly expensive acquisitions, Morten Lund illustrated that the start up business is absolutely the place for crazy individuals. He was completely hungover, presented in joggers and running shoes, had the crowd dance to music of his choice (and videotape it) and made 100 people like his facebook post as a requirement for continuing his speech. I have no idea whether this is his usual speech or just the result of last night’s party. But it was impressive.

For now I am looking forward to the Dragon’s Den and the afterparty, hoping to get to know even more brilliant ideas and interesting people. And then my bed and a quiet sunday.