Website overhaul

28. March 2013. Tagged website.

Well, once again my site changed a little. Now it is not completely static anymore, but I am self hosting my blog posts again, which are thus sent to you ssl-encrypted.

The whole site should be easier to read, due to less width in general, bigger font size, more line spacing, a new font (furthermore different fonts for different things: serif for titles and sans for text). Additionally you get the all new (old) dark navbar.

The posts overview only shows date and title for each post from now on in favor of more posts (all my posts are on one page now). Linkposts and tagging should be working by now.

For me personally the whole thing is a lot more flexible, I can easily administrate everything just with plain markdown files, thanks to kirby.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the new look & feel as much as I do, I will probably be tweaking around for some time, so don’t be surprised if anything changes.